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    Xinzhou District is the main urban area of Shangrao City and the political, economic and cultural center, with a land area of 339 square kilometers, 40 square kilometers of urban built-up area, has a region's total population of 416 thousand, the urbanization rate is 69.6%, governing one Xiang(town), three Zhens(towns) and five Street Agencies.
   Long History. Since Ji’an years of the Eastern Han Dynasty when the county was set up, there has been a history of 1,800 years. October 1, 2000, the State Council approved the revocation of county-degreed Shangrao City, established Xinzhou District. Here is the birthplace of the Ming Dynasty Premier Xia Yan, was the long-time-lived place of world's first "Tea Classics" author - the Tang Dynasty "Tea Sage" Lu Yu, the South Song Dynasty patriotic poet Xin Qiji, where there are Xinjiang Academy of Song Dynasty, Lou’s Ancestral Hall of Ming Dynasty, Premier Yang Shiqiao’s House. the fighting footprints of proletarian revolutionaries Fang Zhimin and Shao Shiping have been left behind.
    区位优越。素有“豫章第一门户”的美誉,地扼赣、浙、闽、皖四省之要冲,是长三角经济区、海西经济区、鄱阳湖生态经济区的结合部,既是沿海发达地区的经济腹地,又是承东启西的咽喉要地,同时也是实现上饶在江西东部崛起的桥头堡。沪瑞高速、浙赣铁路、320 国道等穿境而过,1—3 小时可达杭州、南昌、武夷山、衢州、景德镇等5个机场,也可以到达婺源、庐山、三清山、武夷山、龙虎山、龟峰、千岛湖等7个国家4A级风景名胜区。在建的京福、杭南长高速铁路呈“十字型”在我区境内交汇。建成后,信州区到上海只需1个半小时,到北京也只要6个小时。城郊三清山机场正在筹建。
    Remarkable Advantages of Location.With a beautiful honour of “First Gate of Yuzhang”, lies in the important juncture of the four Provinces of Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and Anhui, is the juncture of Changjiang Delta Economic Zone, West Bank Economic Zone of Taiwan Straits and Poyanghu Lake Ecological Economic Zone, is also the bridge headquarter of realizing Shangrao’s rise in the east of Jiangxi. Shanghai-Ruili Expressway, Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway and 320 State Highway passing through the area, in 1-3 hours’ drive, there are Hangzhou, Nanchang, Wuyishan, Quzhou and Jingdezhen the five Airports, also can arrive the seven 4A scenery spots of Wuyuan County, Mt. Lushan, Mt. Sanqingshan, Mt. Wuyishan, Mt. Longhushan, Guifeng Peak and Qiandao Lake. Beijing-Fuzhou, Hangzhou-Nanchang-Changsha Express-railways will be formed a "cross" intersection in the region, after complete the construction, it’s only just 1 ½ hours from Xinzhou District to Shanghai, 6 hours to Beijing. Mt. Sanqingshan Airport in suburbs will start construction this year.
    Unique Sceneries.Xinzhou District is full of unique sceneries and talents, there are the national red educational base—Shangrao Concentration Camp, national forestry park—Yunbi Peak Forestry Park, Wugui and Longtan Pagodas built in Wanli Years of Ming Dynasty, Xinjiang River passing through the region which is one of the five biggest rivers of Jiangxi Province and draining into Poyanghu Lake. Mountains and rivers around the urban, is one of the thirteen best air and water quality cities, is a perfect combination garden city with humanism, landscape and ecology, attractive history and culture, won the "China Famous Green District "title
    Prosperous Trade. Xinzhou District lies in “Nation Wu’s head and Nation Chu’s end”, since ancient times, it’s the important trade town in the boundary of Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, and so on, merchants are collecting, shops are standing, people here have a strong business, entrepreneurial atmosphere since ancient times, historic books called it “prestige is prefecture, see town in east of river”. In the urban area, there are more than 40 types of markets, 16 different functions of the characteristics of streets with trading volume of more than 100 million yuan , there are Amway, KFC, Suning Appliance, Hongkelong, Better Life the international well-known commercial enterprises, the province's largest single building Yisheng Mall, with a business area of 70,000 square meters, forming a "big malls in city, big markets in suburb, feature streets in mid of city, large logistics outside the urban" of commerce layout, a vibrant regional trade and logistics center has begun to take shape.
    Unlimited Business Opportunities. Xinzhou District has rich water, electricity, labor resource, raw material price, infrastructure costs are relatively low. Preliminarily formed a trade and logistics, non-ferrous metal, electrical and mechanical optic, textile, rhinestone processing and other key industries, can effectively connect the step-transferred of the industries at home and abroad, investment return is high, groups of merchants at home and abroad come into the district to have investment and business, the whole area’s industrial enterprises above designated size reached more than 80. It won the titles of “the Best City of Zhejiang Merchants’ Investment”, “the China’s Best Potential Investment City” in the eyes of foreign(outside) merchants, “First One of the Ten Best Investment Environment City of Jiangxi Province”. Chaoyang Industry Park of Shangrao Economic Development Zone has completed the construction of an area of 5.6 square kilometers more than one year, 40 enterprises have signed and came into the park, 9 of them have gone into operation, 14 are in building, a total investment of 500 million yuan rhinestone processing and 3 billion investment of Zhejiang-Jiangxi industry the two "Garden Park" projects have been settled, in 2010, the park realized main business income of 1 billion yuan, profit over 100 million
   In recent years, the District Party Committee and Government positively respond to the Municipal Party Committee and Government's strategic plan, Create "a hub (the junction of Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and Anhui regional transport hub)," building "four bases (industrial undertaking base, supply base for agro-processing, tourism and leisure base and distributing center of logistics)", stick to the "industrial support, trade prosper district" the development road, vigorously implement the strategy to catch up, seize the opportunity and momentum, the pioneering spirit, work hard, respond effectively to the international financial crisis, efforts to defuse the negative impact of natural disasters, the district has made remarkable economic and social development achievements, over the targets and tasks of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan". In 2010, the district realized a GDP of 11.54 billion yuan, increased 13.9%; financial revenue of 780 million yuan, increased 50.1%; general budget revenue of 590 million, increased 66.9%; above scale industrial added value of 1.56 billion, increased 20.4 %; urban and above fixed assets investment of 17.26 billion yuan or more, increased 32%; total social consumer goods retail sales of 5630 million yuan, increased 20.2%; export of 150 million U.S. dollars, increased 99.2%; urban residents’ per disposable income of 15,388 yuan, increased 11.1%; rural farmers’ per net income of 6,969 yuan, increased 15%.

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